Update from Reelcraft Industries regarding COVID-19

Reelcraft has continued operations throughout the COVID-19 crisis.  We continue to prioritize the health and safety of our team members while we manufacture critical industrial productivity and safety components.  We have made long-term changes to operations that ensure our ability to meet customer demand throughout the cycle of this pandemic.

·     We are continuing a remote work policy for those team members who can be off-site and are utilizing the resulting space to increase social distancing for the limited teams still in our office.

·     We have instituted daily safety protocols based on CDC and Government guidance and requirements.

·     We continue to use digital tools to maintain communication, but are also allowing critical site visits that follow safety protocols.

We will take pride in urgently prioritizing any customer orders for products that will be used to increase the health, safety, and productivity of those engaged in the management of the COVID-19 outbreak.