WC7000 – Premium Duty 400 Amp Cable Welding Reel

Reelcraft's Series WC welding cable reels are designed to increase safety in the work area with a resulting increase in efficiency and productivity. They have a continuous current path through a live 400 AMP, 90 V DC (maximum) rated enclosed slip ring.

  • Quality finish and corrosion resistant – Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.
  • Reinforced steel – The robotically welded steel base offers maximum strength and consistent quality.
  • Long life drive spring – Declutching arbor virtually eliminates possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding. Only the highest quality spring steel is used and conditioned to insure there are no imperfections offering maximum service life.
  • Stores cable when not in use, eliminating tangled, kinked welding cables.
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Weight58 lbs


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