Can you overload an extension cord reel?

If you are in the market for or already have an extension cord reel, then you may be concerned about overloading or overheating the cord. This is a common concern because this can cause damage to the cord, the reel, and possibly even the item you are powering. Overloading a cord could lead to fires which can cause damage or injuries. None of which is good. So naturally you would like to avoid this situation. Which brings you here, where we will answer your questions and concerns.

To answer this question, yes, you can. Some cord reels have the possibility of being overloaded. To avoid this, you will need to:

  • Make sure you do not have to many items plugged into the cord reel (i.e., do not exceed AMP rating).
  • It is good practice to pull all the cord off when in use, so the cord does not get too hot.
    • If you have a plastic reel overloading the cord reel may cause the plastic to melt, ruining the reel, cord, and whatever the plastic may get on. Also, releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

So, to avoid these tragedies, please use the precautions above, when not using Reelcraft reels.

But wait there’s more…

There are more solutions to those problems then what is listed. Reelcraft power and light cord reels are UL listed. When a cord reel is UL listed, this means that the product has been tested and proven to meet the required safety standards set by UL. In other words, you do not have to worry about overloading the product and therefore you do not have to remove all the cord from the reel to use it. All you have to do is pull out the amount of cord you need and put it to use.

To make sure your cord reel is UL listed, look for the UL listed sticker on the product. The label should either be on the box you received your item in and / or on a tag that is attached to the reel. If there isn’t one, buy a Reelcraft reel. All Reelcraft cord reels are UL listed.

So, to conclude, you can overload an extension cord reel, but there are ways to avoid it such as buying a UL listed cord reel. This will give you a sense of security in knowing that your cord will not overheat.