Go to work. Earn a degree.

At Reelcraft, we believe you should never have to choose between an education and a full-time paycheck.
That’s why we’ve partnered with Indiana Tech to offer the REEL EDU program.

REEL EDU Program

The program drives your success—and ours. It’s fully covered by the Indiana Workforce Ready Grant and available to all Reelcraft employees.

What is an educational assistance program?

An educational assistance program is an employer-sponsored program that provides full-time employees with the resources and support they need to learn new skills and pursue additional certifications and degrees.

How does the REEL EDU Program work?

  • Team members take classes right here at Reelcraft during work hours once a week to pursue a certificate
  • You’re given a laptop and access to one-on-one tutoring from our Reelcraft team
  • The certificate program include six classes that are six weeks each
  • Once you earn your certificate, we increase your pay
  • Team members can continue to take classes to earn more certificates or pursue a degree
  • Other educational options are also available

What certificates are currently offered in the REEL EDU program?

  • Production Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management

“This program is a great opportunity to learn and grow at Reelcraft and in my personal life.”

Angela, Assembly Team Leader

Uli Garcia, Second Shift Paint Team Leader
Currently working through the REEL EDU Production Management Certification program.
Allie Ruprecht, Material Handler/Shipping Clerk
Currently working through the REEL EDU Production Management Certification program.

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