“At Wigent Excavating, we develop 100 acres of residential and commercial land every year. We’re the guys who dig new basements, install underground utilities, and lay the groundwork for roads and ponds. And we use Reelcraft to service our trucks and equipment.

For years we’ve used the same Reelcraft reel. Multiple times a day, we walk it out to its full 50-foot length, service a vehicle, and then walk it back.”

Nolan Sampson
Shop Manager, Wigent Excavating LLC

“At Lutes Flying Service, we provide aerial application for hundreds of farms in the Midwest.

I can’t say enough about Reelcraft’s durability. We bought a few competitor reels awhile back, and after three years of limited use, they’re cracking and chipping—they already need to be replaced. With Reelcraft, we’ve used the same grounding reels for almost twenty years. And the reels that we keep outside in extreme cold, heat, and rain are still performing like new.”

Rafi Flores
Ground Crew Manager, Lutes Flying Service

“Spring through fall at Fingerle Farms Greenhouse is a sight to see. We start forty thousand seeds, sell over ten thousand hanging baskets, ten thousand mums, and thousands of individual flowers. And we do all of this on sixty acres and with three greenhouses.

We grow everything ourselves, and we rely on Reelcraft to keep the plants watered.”

Jordan Fingerle
President and CEO, Fingerle Farms Greenhouse

“Every year, a group of seniors in the Lawrence Technological University mechanical engineering program build a Formula SAE racecar from the ground up. And we rely on Reelcraft reels to power our air and electrical hand tools.  

We spend countless hours in the shop. Our air and electrical tools are constantly in use. Reelcraft makes the tools easy to grab, use, and put away. It saves time and effort, and I fully believe our work is better because of Reelcraft.”

Thomas Lombardi
Team Captain, LTU’s Blue Devil Motorsports SAE student team

“As a food facility, everything needs to stay clean, and Reelcraft helps us do just that. We use stainless steel Reelcraft reels for our wash down hoses, and this keeps everything sanitary and ready for brewing.  

The reel unwinds with ease and then practically winds itself back up with minimal help. It makes the job safer and easier, a win-win.”

Chad Monteith
Brewery Production Manager, New Holland Brewing Company

“At the WCCS transportation building, we service 52 buses, four plow trucks, and a bunch of riding mowers for the Whitley County school system.

Our goal is to prevent the bus drivers from having any down time. This means pushing to get repairs done in-between routes—and Reelcraft helps us do just that.”

Glenn Shaffer
Lead Technician at WCCS Transportation

“On Barnett Family Farms, we use Reelcraft because it’s just so easy. You don’t have to deal with loose or unwinding hose. And the locking mechanism is far better than any competitor reel I’ve worked with. It holds the hose in position no matter what. We can be grabbing it from a bad angle or tugging on it while we work, and it just stays in place.

Kyle Barnett
Barnett Family Farms

“Our auto techs put these reels to the ultimate test every single day. They’re yanking on them, grabbing and going, pulling and retracting, but the reels keep up with them every step of the way. We’ve never even had to lube a single reel, and some of the reels have been here for ten years, so that’s pretty impressive considering the beating they take every single day.”

Ryan Bachert
Operations Manager, Buchanan Automotive

“When you’re fighting fires, the last thing you want to think about is the water delivery system. But Reelcraft works every time, the way that it should. We don’t have to think about it. We don’t have to maintain it. We just get the call and go, and the hose does its job. Then we pack up and head home, knowing it will be there for us next time. When you’re in this line of work, it’s comforting to know that you can depend on your hose system.”

Roger Bennett
Senior Firefighter, Churubusco-Smith Twp. Fire Department

At Zach’s Pet Services, we offer boarding, daycare and grooming for dogs and cats. We have about 200 pets on our property every single day. So needless to say, it gets pretty messy here. That’s why we rely on Reelcraft.

When we opened our new facility, we had brand-new Reelcraft reels and hoses installed. We couldn’t be happier with our Reelcraft reels, and I think the pets agree.

Zach Shearer
Owner Operator Zach’s Pet Services