“It’s clear that Reelcraft doesn’t do things by half measures when it comes to specifications, and I’m sure our customers appreciate that as much as we do.”

Michael Launier
Pompes Industrielles Launier

“I have purchased three other REELCRAFT air, water, and electric cord reels and have been very satisfied with the high-quality products.”

Jim Daly
Mitchell Aviation Services

“Thanks again to all at Reelcraft for your continuing assistance. Your cord reels are heavily used and relied on here.”

Sean Mulligan
Construction Manager
Data Center for Cloud Computing

“With other reels, the spring or hose breaks in a short time, and we have to repair or replace the reel. With Reelcraft, we know we can install it, and not worry about it for 20 years! They are the most durable reels for the dealership service environment.”

Paul Janaske
Auto Supply & Parts Co.

“I have used Reelcraft since 1980 and ALL issues and concerns have always been taken care of. The reels are available for most of our needs and configurations and are dependable and durable. Most customers ask for Reelcraft by name, if not we recommend them. We use Reelcraft because we have very few customer complaints and warranty and service calls for the entire product line we use.”

John Lopez
Reading Equipment & Distribution, LLC

“As a trusted supplier to the Harley Davidson Dealer Equipment program, it is imperative that we bring quality, reliable product to the dealer network. Harley Davidson relies on us to make appropriate equipment recommendations with the understanding that its dealers will be left with the impression that excellent value was received for their hard-earned dollars.”

“Gerry Heide introduced us to the Reelcraft product line when we first became a Harley partner, and we’ve been supplying the product, with great success, ever since. We use the Series RT product for the air system, and these reels have held up remarkably well. We employ the Series 7000 for the oil products, and again, the reels have proven their mettle. An excellent product with superb support!”

Sandy Silverberg
Hassel Material Handling

“Best reel in the business!”

Jon Parks
Parks Environmental Services Inc.

“I have always had positive interactions with everyone at Reelcraft, and our customers love the products!”

Cole Kroncke
Beacon Athletics

“Thanks for the speedy reply on the hose reel specs. It’s nice to receive a personalized response with links and actual suggestions, rather than a simple list of local distributors.”

Paul Potvin, President
White Location Equipment Supply Inc.

“Beiler Hydraulics is a Reelcraft Distributor located in Leola, Pa. They specialize in selling various pneumatic and hydraulic supplies and equipment. They have been a Reelcraft Distributor for over 30 years. Kent Martin has been the Sales Manager at Beiler Hydraulics for the last 5 years. They have a very spacious showroom which allows for a large number of walk-in customers on a daily basis. Beiler Hydraulics has had a Reelcraft Display Stand in their showroom for over 12 years and Kent explains that customers that come in to place orders for other products will go over to the display stand to investigate the hose and cord reels. Customers like to be able to have a hands-on approach to be able to see exactly how the hose pulls out, locks in place and then with another pull retracts back into the reel. Kent also tells us that the Reelcraft Display in their showroom has contributed to increased reel sales.”

Kent Martin
Sales Manager

“Thank you for all your time and support, and direction on how to make my project work. This is one of the reasons I will keep buying American! Sometimes I have my doubts about American stuff, but this is what sets us aside, service and good guys like you! Thanks again!”

Larry – End User
New Jersey

“We have been using eight of your cord reels (#L4035 163 1) for 20 years now and have never experienced any problems with them in all that time. The only thing we have done is to replace the light fixture from time to time and on two of them, we replaced the cord because we kept shortening up the length when repairing the damaged light fixture. They were all new in September 1995 and I remember thinking these things better be worth it. They sure as heck have been…”

Ron Tremblay
The Garage
Vancouver, B.C.

“We bought this Reelcraft Hose Reel when we purchased our Jenny hot pressure washer 12 years ago. We use it daily and are very pleased.”

Becky Koenig
Western Reserve Transit Authority

“Reelcraft’s quality, price competitive product has allowed us to compete in markets that were previously inaccessible. We can now offer an American Made, excellent quality product that is only marginally more expensive than the imported reels that we are seeing on the low-cost competitor’s units.

Additionally, the compact design of the DP Series and 4000 and 5000 Series reels allow us to fit our units into confined space, cabinet type environments. We are very pleased with the Reelcraft line.”

Tom Baldacci and Claud Guidice
W/W Engineering, Inc.

“Your product has decreased our calls and issues nearly 100%. I would say we are very pleased with the quality and I believe our reel business has picked up this year due to the switch to Reelcraft.”

Chad Kunce
J.E. Adams

“Cahaba Truck and Equipment Co., Tuscaloosa, AL, has been using Reelcraft Industries hose and cord reels as their preferred choice of reels since October of 2010. Beginning with their initial shop set-up and use, and continuing with use on their Hi-Rail Truck and Equipment packages. The TP7650-OLP/L4545-123-3 twin pack is their most recent addition to in-plant reel usage while the TH88050 OMP and 7670 OLP are popular additions to their contractor Hi-Rail Material Handler product line.”

Jeremy Miller
Cahaba Truck and Equipment Co.

“Thank you very much for such a prompt response. For your information, of the 3 companies I contacted for information, your company is the only one who responded. Your good customer service is truly appreciated!”

Nathalie Beauchemin

“I like that all of your primary products are available as CAD models from your website. I call out your products in my bill of material for no other reason than I can easily get a CAD model from your web site to incorporate into my designs.”

William P. Peters

“We only carry Reelcraft reels. People will pay more for good quality, and that’s what you get with Reelcraft reels. Since we have become a stocking Reelcraft distributor we have sold LOTS of Hose and Cord reels, really is convenient having them here. Sales have gone up this year on Reelcraft. We have a showroom that is coming together and the Reelcraft display stand we are installing looks awesome so far.”

Stacy R. Renae
Engineered Specialties, LLC

“I’m a big fan of Reelcraft. I have four air hose reels and two cord reels in my shop. They all perform flawlessly. Your products are top notch. I’m a huge supporter of products that are made in the USA. I appreciate that Reelcraft manufactures its products in the USA.”

Steve Enlow
Wheat Ridge, CO

“The customer service at Reelcraft is so awesome! A reel was damaged in shipment and they made it so easy to help my customer get a replacement – no hassles! Thank you for the great customer service.”

Nate Post
Fastool Inc.

“Very durable, easy to use and repair parts available.”

Michael Andres
ConAgra Foods

“Made in USA! Good construction and design. Thanks for making a quality USA-made product!”

Wayne Montoya
Redwood City, CA

“As the manufacturer of the CTE fuel and lube body I have used Reelcraft reels for the past 11 years and with a previous employer for 5-6 years before that. Throughout that time I’ve made two misguided forays into competitive products. Both times the poor quality of non-reelcraft products taught me an expensive lesson. Throughout my years using Reelcraft products I have never had a customer complaint about the product. In the sales process with competitive reels when you are asked what type of reels do you use you have to explain their features, when the customer asks what type of reels do you use and you answer “Reelcraft” you get a knowing nod of the head and an approving smile and its on to the next question. If there’s a better reel out there I have yet to run across it yet.”

Duncan Brazier
Construction Trucks and Equipment

“Unit is very High Quality and built for the long term. I am impressed with the quality and do not regret the extra cost for high quality and made in USA!”

R. Hagan
New Jersey

“Made in US, heavy duty best reel for price!”

Bernard Adkins
Glenwood, WV

“Greatest reels we ever purchased. Strong spring return and high quality material!”

John Drexler
Alliance Metals Group

“Dear Friends at ReelCraft, I want to thank you for your excellent products. Finally finding the time to catch up on my own projects today, I went to your website to see how to tighten the spring tension on my reelcraft pedestal hose reels. Within 5 minutes I had watched the video and fixed the tension and the hoses now go were they should, up in the air, rather than hanging down to the ground. Awesome product and support.”

Jonathan Zambella
Springdale, UT

“I am glad to have a product that fits my needs as well as supports American workers.”

Ryan Mack

“I have owned other brands and feel that the Reelcraft cord reel is an excellent product.”

Milton Barbee
Barbee Services, Inc.

“For those of you insulted by cheap plastic hose reels commonly available from big box hardware stores, let me recommend a “grown-up” serious hose reel you’ll be proud to own – a Reelcraft hose reel. Your snooty neighbors will be awed by your stealth when you crank-up your garden or garage hose with a Reelcraft reel. The steel construction of a Reelcraft reel is man’s version of a hose reel.”

Jack R. Boggs
Homeowner – Garage/Shop

“I use your reel products for electric, compressed air, and city water. They are absolutely the best for the industrial setting, especially in our recycling facility here in Detroit. Our plant standards are the L 4545 123 3, the 5650 OLP, and the F7925 OLP. Thanks for the terrific engineering that you put into all of your fine products!!”

James G. Kulwicki
Goodwill’s Green Works, Inc.

“Marlboro Hydraulic has been a distributor for Reelcraft Hose Reels since we started in business in 1987.In this time we have come to know Reelcraft as a premier manufacturer of top quality hose & cable reels, dedicated to customer service. Over the years I have been impressed by their constant addition of new products. In addition to this, I have found the people in their customer service department very helpful when I have a technical question about a product. One of our most useful sales tools is our display of Reelcraft’s most popular reels for my customers to see first hand the quality of this product. They sell themselves.”

Wayne Yerardi
Marlboro Hydraulic Hose & Supply, Inc.

“This product is top-of-the-line in each and every respect! Well made and well worth the price!”

Steve Johnson
Homeowner – Garage/Shop

“I can only say that they are tough reels as I use them every day and they are out in the rain, snow, and ice all the time without covers or protection. They work great and are well worth the money especially if you consider the years I have had them in use without any failures. They are without a doubt the best reels in the marketplace today.”

Eirik Larsen
Steel N Motion Inc.

“As the leader for a sales team, it is extremely important that we take reliable, high quality products to our customers. Reelcraft is a company that offers exactly that…reliability and a high quality product. Reelcraft goes the extra mile by providing us the tools our team needs to perform well in the marketplace. The training, sample products, on time delivery, and marketing tools offered by Reelcraft allow our sales team to quickly (and knowledgeably) go to market with a product that will be a sturdy, long-lasting product for their customer. We are comfortable knowing we can move on to the next opportunity without concerns about “fixing” anything for the customer following a Reelcraft sale.”

Mario Nova
Sales Manager
Dickman Supply

“Excellent customer service! We love dealing with you guys and we always get what we need in a very timely fashion. I really enjoy calling Reelcraft. They are always very polite and very knowledgeable. I just wish all of our manufactures could give customer service like Reelcraft.”

Robert A Magee
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Henrich Equipment

“I have been in manufacturing and assembly for over 25 years. I have seen good and bad customer service, engineering and attitudes. I have worked in Fortune 500 Companies as an operations and quality manager and know how important the customer is to the life of any company. Through no fault of Reelcraft, I ordered the wrong reels. In trying to determine what it would take to rectify the issue, I had questions about the different components and assemblies. Reelcraft did a GREAT job calling me back. They did an even better job explaining what the differences in the reels were and where I went wrong in my order.”

Phil Fleming
General Manager
T George Podell & Company

“We have just started selling your product and have been very impressed with delivery, quality, and feedback. Compared to your active competitors you are hands down the best. We feel your cord reels are good for industrial settings and plan to move them to our construction customers. We feel that moving a quality product is easy because inherently it moves itself. Furthermore, your fittings, hoses, and machined materials all are superior and I believe they can work in hardcore, rough environments. We have received some preliminary light cord reels and were highly impressed with the size and function of the devices. I recommend Reelcraft Cord Reels to all my customers needing a high-functioning, quality hose product.”

Clint Williams, MBA
Inside Sales Associate
Wesco Distribution, Youngstown, OH

“Thanks for your concern. It is sad to say but it seems a lot of companies do not seem to care if their customers are happy or not anymore. It has been a pleasure to deal with you on getting this resolved. I have the information that I need and I will be getting it resolved on my end now. I am looking forward to using your products and I cannot see us looking for a new supplier at this point. Although it was a struggle at first I will pass along how your company stepped up to make sure we had the product that we needed and were willing to stand behind what you sold. It is nice to have a single source when it comes to new designs and upgrading what we have in the field. I hope that can continue into the future as long as it has been in the past.”

Edward Kerlin
Design Engineer
Cinetic Landis Corp.

“Saved me time and effort of adjusting spring on the high pressure reel on our Vaccon, much easier to just do this.”

In reference to the “How to Adjust Hose Reel Spring Tension” video on YouTube.com
YouTube video viewer comment

“We have 10 Reelcraft reels in our shop. They take a lickin and keep on ticking!”

Eric Lehnert
Monosem Inc.

“I am pleased with Reelcraft. They seem to have very competent people and they try very hard to help. Can’t ask for much more. They have inventory on hand and ship when they say they will.”

Larry Walker
Spraying Equipment Supply LLC

“We have 5 Reelcraft hose reels. They are working great. Thanks for the short video explaining how to increase or decrease the tension on the Reelcraft product. I have asked all of our Production people to watch the video and pass off on it as training.”

Randy West
Plant Manager
DSM Food Specialties, Inc.

“Our customers find that Reelcraft reels are a high quality, heavy duty product that has made their application easier and less time consuming.”

Joe Bagdikian
Wildco Petroleum Equipment

“In the many years we bought and used Reelcraft products, they were the most reliable supplier we worked with.”

Hugh Reese
Major Reelcraft Customer