Our reels are found everywhere people work and build.

It’s no wonder companies and hardworking people around the world have come to rely on Reelcraft reels to get the job done. For over fifty years, we’ve worked to make our reels stronger, more reliable, more durable, and easier to use. Our reels make work safer and easier—and that’s something we’re pretty proud of.

No matter the job, you can count on Reelcraft putting in the work. Our reels don’t break, tire, or wear out the way other reels do. They’re there for you from clock-in to job done. They’re designed, built, and tested to be Ready When You Are™.

Designed, Built, and Tested to be Ready When You Are™

Our four-part video series shows exactly why our reels are Ready When You Are™. From the design process to manufacturing to testing, we set the standard for industrial hose and cord reels.

Reelcraft Reels are Ready When You Are™

We spend months designing a reel. We build entire manufacturing processes around that design. And then we test it to its limit. This is why we are the industry standard for reels.

DESIGNED to be Ready When You Are™

We design and engineer each reel to meet customer needs and make work safer and easier. If a design doesn’t live up to these standards, then it doesn’t move forward in the process. Take a look behind the scenes to see how our

BUILT to be Ready When You Are™

From the way we handle steel to the multi-step process we go through to paint individual parts—everything we do in manufacturing revolves around making our reels: stronger, lighter, more durable. Take a look at our manufacturing process and see how our reels are BUILT to be Ready When You Are™.

TESTED to be Ready When You Are™

We don’t have to put our reels to the test, but we do it anyway. Learn more about three of the voluntary tests that we perform (salt spray test, MIL-SPEC test, and pressure test), and see how our reels are TESTED to be Ready When You Are™.

A reel for every job.

Reelcraft manufactures the widest range of hose, cord, and cable reels. We’re known for our quality, which is built into every component of every reel.

The People Have Spoken

Reelcraft customers and employees agree. Our reels are Ready When You Are™.

“We use Reelcraft, because it’s just so easy. The locking mechanism is far better than any competitor reel. It holds the hose in position no matter what.”

Kyle Barnett
Barnett Family Farms

“Our auto techs put these reels to the ultimate test every single day. The reels keep up with them every step of the way.”

Ryan Bachert
Operations Manager, Buchanan Automotive

“We want everyone on the floor to be pressing, stamping, and putting parts together the same way every single time. It’s this attention to detail that makes Reelcraft an industry leader.”

Kayla Weber
Reelcraft Press Operator

“Most competitor reels are bolted together. At Reelcraft, we weld.”

Tim Moore
Reelcraft Welder

Our Reelcraft hose reel has been fighting brushfires for the Churubusco Fire Department since 1996.

Roger Bennett
Senior Firefighter, Churubusco-Smith Twp. Fire Department

My team makes sure that your reel is assembled safely and correctly.

Angela Perez
Reelcraft Team Leader for Assembly

“We’re always pushing to be better.”

Joe Hilger
Senior Design Engineer

“We aim for same-day responses to our customers and push to get orders shipped on time.”

Heather Howard
Customer Service/Order Entry

We couldn’t be happier with our Reelcraft reels, and I think the pets agree.

Zach Shearer
Owner Operator Zach’s Pet Services