#MyFavoriteReel Videos

Reelcraft owners love our reel products! In our new video series, #MyFavoriteReel, our Reelcraft team members and supporters share with us what their favorite reel is and why.

Wesley Leon – Series RT Hose Reel
Kevin Eubanks – Motorized Series 30000 Hose Reel
Stephanie Nix – Series 5005 Hose Reel
Joe Hilger and his kids – Series 80000 Hose Reel
Mike Papaik – Series 7000 Hose Reel and Series L 70000 Cord Reel
Jennifer Braun and her kids – Series
L 4000 Cord Reel
Tim Moore – Series L 4000 Light Cord Reel
James Maggard – Series 80000 Garden Hose Reel
Brandon Rodriguez with CB Welding – Series TWHD70000 Welding Reel