Hose or cord will not retract

Hose or cord will not retract

Insufficient spring tension
Adjust spring tension by adding wraps of hose. Pull out approximately 10 feet of hose. Hand feed hose back up through roller bracket assembly until loop is large enough to slip over sheave. Add two or three wraps until desired tension is achieved. Do not exceed spring capacity.

Hose / cord reel mounted on ceiling above 16 feet
Must special order heavier gauge spring steel for drive spring to overcome weight of hose / cord extending from reel. Control handle weight must also be considered. Contact Reelcraft for further information.

Latch mechanism engaged with drive spring coiled to solid height
U-bolt hose clamps on sheave assembly not positioned correctly.

Hose / cord fully extended will not retract
Latch mechanism engaged with drive spring is coiled to solid height. U-bolt hose clamps on sheave assembly are not positioned correctly.

Product supply to reel, rigid, plumbed in
If flexible connecting hose is not used between hose reel inlet and hard plumbing, you stand the chance of causing excessive bind to main shaft and hub bearings causing reel not to retract. This also voids warranty.

Reel mounted on uneven surface
Bolting the reel down to an uneven surface will distort side frame causing a bind on main support shafts restricting smooth retraction of hose.

Wrong guide arm position
If guide arm is in side wind position for ceiling mounted reels, hose / cord is bending at a 90° angle over roller bracket assembly causing excessive loss of spring tension. Adjust guide arm to coincide with how hose / cord reel is actually mounted. U-bolt clamps may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Broken main spring, broken spring arbor, corrosion on shaft and hub
Replace broken part with new. For corrosion: disassemble reel and remove corrosion, lubricate and reassemble.