What is the best reel for my garage wall?

When looking for a reel for your garage, you must consider many needs to find the perfect fit. You need to consider how big your garage is and how much space you have available for the reel. You’ll need to determine where your outlets or hook ups are so your reel has a supply source. You need to think about what you will be using the reel for including air, water, electricity, fuel, etc. And lastly, you’ll want to think about how often you will be using this reel.

L 70000 Cord Reel

Extension Cord Reels

If you decide you want an extension cord reel, Reelcraft has the best quality options that will fit your needs. When looking for a basic extension cord reel with an outlet end for an average to small garage, the Series L 4000 and L 5000 cord reels are durable and compact for that need. If you have a bigger garage or space and are looking for a larger reel which can hold longer lengths of cord, then the Series L 70000 would be a perfect fit. You can even buy a flying lead cord reel and put your own accessory on the end.

Air Hose Reels

If you decide you want an air hose, Reelcraft offers multiple options to best fit your needs. If you want a lighter weight reel that is still durable, you can look into the Series RT hose reels. They are similar in size to the Series 7000 hose reel which would be good for bigger garages that want a reel that can hold more hose. Reelcraft also offers our REELSAFE hose reels which retract at a walking pace to stop the hose from flying everywhere if accidentally released when it is unlatched. For smaller garages, we have the Series 4000 and 5000, each getting slightly bigger in size which accommodates with longer hose lengths.


Water Hose Reels

Looking for a water hose reel is very similar to looking for an air hose reel. If you need a smaller reel for less available space, there is the Series 4000 and 5000 hose reels. If you have more available space or need longer lengths of hose, Reelcraft offers the Series 7000 and REELSAFE hose reels.

Other Reels and Accessories

Reelcraft also offers oil hose reels, twin hydraulic hose reels, welding hose reels, grease hose reels, DEF hose reels, and diesel and gas hose reels. To make using the reel in your garage easier, be sure to look into Reelcraft accessories and consider a swing or pivot bracket, a swivel base, or even a reel cart.