HS18000 M

HS18000 M – 1/2 in. x 200 ft. Medium Duty Stainless Steel Hand Crank Hose Reel

Reelcraft’s stainless steel hose reels are ideal for food processing, pre-rinse, wash down, chemical transfer, and industrial-solvent handling. Also suitable for coastal, offshore, and on-board ships in marine applications where the harsh environment of salt water spray requires the use of stainless steel hose reels. Swivel includes Viton O-rings. Note: Reel hubs are made from aluminum.

  • Quality finish and corrosion resistant – Stainless steel components offer maximum protection from premature corrosion.
  • Full flow stress-free swivel design – The full flow swivel combines the highest grade seal design and materials with bearing areas to ensure maximum service life.
  • Easy to add tension – The T-handle tensioning device allows proper tension to be applied to the spool to eliminate the free spooling of the reel.
  • Convenient adjustment of hand crank handle – the handle can easily be rotated out of the way by loosening the set screw.
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Reel Specifications and Dimensions

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs

Hose I.D.

Hose O.D.

Hose Length



Reel Outlet

Hose Included

Max Temperature



Carton Dimensions

21" x 20" x 20.5"


Fluid Path Materials

Internal Fluid PathStainless Steel
Swivel AssemblyStainless Steel
Swivel SealFKM

Literature and Service Manual

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How many GPM’s will I get from my hose?

GPM = gallons per minute is a function of hose diameter, hose length, supply pressure and fluid going through the hose / reel. The most common fluids, air and water, can be seen in charted data. For hydraulic oils it is necessary to know the operating temperature, pressure and fluid viscosity.

Why is fluid or air leaking from my swivel?

O-ring worn out or wrong O-ring for material being handled

Replace O-rings with O-ring kit or replace with correct rings for material being handled.

Swivel may be loose or not enough pipe thread sealant on shaft threads

Remove swivel and check threads ensuring they are in good condition.  Reapply thread sealant and install swivel onto reel ensuring good thread engagement.